Saturday, March 15, 2008

Well, here we are, 15th of March 2008. We are hours away from beginning our journey. We are off to find the wonderful wizard of OZ. I’m feeling a little like all the characters in the OZ story but I’m also feeling excited like hell. I don’t have much to say except goodbye beloved country, friends and family. The world is a tiny place and one day soon we will cross paths again. If not now then some time in our next lives.
Love u all, Eddy.
Hey all you wonderful people – what can I say … Yippeeeeee!!! I feel like a child who has been waiting the whole year for Christmas and has even been counting down the sleeps! Now there are no more sleeps left – today’s the day and boy oh boy – I really looking forward to opening my Christmas presents!! So there are no good byes’ – only until next time. So see you soon!
Cheery Bye, Lynda