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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hi Guys & Girls,

So, here we are. Three days into our OZ trip and no sign of the wizard. Maybe that’s because we are still stuck on the west end and we have a whole country to look for him/her.

It’s been absolutely fantastic so far and Richard and Sian, the folks we are staying with, have been treating us sooooo well. We couldn’t have asked for better hosts and such a warm welcome to OZ. Their two boys Kai and Josh are the coolest dudes and the whole family is very laid back. We thank the Harrison’s from the bottom of our heart.

So what have we been up to so far? Well, nothing very exciting except getting our lives into order. We have essentially been getting some admin out of the way and have done quite a bit of research into certain things in order to make sure that we get the right stuff from the word go. The most exciting thing we have done so far was today, we bought a car!!! That was soooo wicked. It’s quite a feeling buying a car cash although that’s not very empowering when the car dealer is not really interested in cash, he would rather give you finance and see how much more money he can suck out of you.
The car buying process took us 4 hours but it was an very pleasant experience and our salesman was extremely knowledgeable and very professional. Not the sleazy car salesman type that wants to sell you anything and everything. He was even helping us with getting the price down! I think they get recognition on amount of sales and not commission, so they are prepared to tell us what figures to offer. Offers are done in writing and only the sales manager will approve or decline them. Quite a different way of working.

We also got ourselves wireless broadband which is pretty much like iBurst but things are quite different here regarding that too. Australia also had a telecom monopoly until recent so there is essentially one main provider, Telstra. Because the country is soooo huge, wireless coverage, both cellular and broadband is often limited. There are just too many people spread all over this vast island. The competition that has come in simply can’t compete with Telstra from a coverage point of view. The wireless broadband we got only has a signal of one or two bars where we are staying now and this area is not that far out of town so it’s going to be tricky to stay in touch but we will make a plan.

We should be getting our new car next week sometime because it has to go thru some paperwork and they are going to add a few extras like paintwork protector, upholstery protector and so on. Then we have decided that we are going to do the BIG road trip from Perth to Northern Brisbane along the southern coastal highway, stopping along the way in the various big cities and little kick-a-tin-along towns. This is going to be the mother of all road trips! It should be wicked as we cross 3 hours of time zone. Seeing that we are travelling West to East and against the orbit of the earth, the trip should be shorterJ. Ho, and we bought a GPS that should keep us on the right road hopefully.

That’s that for now. We will be chilling around Perth for the next couple of days and maybe doing a little sightseeing.
Have fun, eddy & lynda