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Monday, March 24, 2008

Well, I can hardly believe it! We have been here just over 1 week already. Boy, has it has been a fantastic one week.

The last few days over the Easter weekend, we have been going to the most gorgeous beaches. The sea is such an awesome colour and I can’t believe how clear the water is. Eddy and I have been behaving like kids – running to the beach, swimming and catching waves – just like it’s supposed to be done 🙂

We went to a street festival in Freemantle, which is on the beach right near Perth. They had live street enteratiners from around the world putting on various performances in the streets and near to the harbour area. We watched one guy who was so funny – he had me laughing out loud! (Some of the other guys were a bit boring!) The day was so entertaining – I really enjoyed it.

We did a bit of 4 x 4 driving today and went to a more remote beach – there was no one around for miles and miles – only other 4 x 4 drivers cruising past us along the beach.

We are hoping to get our car on Wednesday or Thursday this week – and then we will be off. When we get the car, we are looking to go to a place called Safety Bay to do some kite surfing! Now that should be tons of fun.

We will catch up with you soon and let you know what we are up to.

Cheers for now.

Eddy and Lynda