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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hi Everyone,

So, here we are on our first part of our adventure around Australia. Yesterday we left Perth to head North. No real plan as always but we certainly wanted to pop into the world heritage site of Shark Bay. The place is famous for the oldest form of life on the planet as we know it. Stromatolites, read about them here. These forms of life are what made living on planet earth possible as they created the very oxygen that sustains us all. Kind of disappointing when you get to see them because they don’t look like much, in fact, they look like blobs of nothing but believe me they are of significant importance.

Our location right now is the town of Denham, Lat 25°55’40.39″S, Long 113°32’1.37″E. Check it out on Google Earth. Shark Bay is also the place one can get to see and interact with Dolphins up close. This only happens at a place called Monkey Mia which is 25km away from Denham. That’s where we would like to go next as Lynda as always wanted to do that. We have bought ourselves some snorkelling gear and wetsuits so that we can get into the ocean and wonder around hopefully seeing some wonderful stuff. I’m not so sure it’s such a great idea because if I see anything bigger than me then I’m out of there! From all the stories I’ve read about Australia, there seems to be more things that can cause grievously bodily harm or death than anywhere else on the planet :-). We are really looking forward to trying our gear out.

The road to here is in very good condition, but then again I think it’s hard to find a “bad” tarred road in OZ. What we did come across was flooding all over the place. We found it odd because the parched land should suck up every bit of water landing on it but we just found out that the yearly rain fall for this area is between 30mm to 50mm a year and in the last three days they have had 150mm of record rain! Camping in these conditions is not great so we have got ourselves into a cute little cabin which has everything one needs including a TV! The rain is coming and going with no predictability at all. I think we arrived here at the wrong time but what the hell, this is what the adventure is all about. We were going to stop at the one camping ground but when we arrived there it was underwater. I tried in vain to convince Lynda to drive into the flooded camp ground but she was worried our new car (MoonDust is her name) was going to get stuck. Lynda eventually drove MoonDust halfway into the flooded entrance so that I could take a picture. The weather for the next day seems to be rainy and then we have two days of sunshine before it goes bad again. So, this means that we are going to have to explore this little part of town in the next few days.

Right now we are huddled in our little cabin, a throw from the water’s edge, drinking some local red called Fifth Leg which I might need in a few minutes as it’s hitting me in all the right places. One has to taste all the fruits of the land you know :-). We are contemplating walking to the water’s edge but it’s been a long debut so far and no progress.

Ho yes, the reason you are reading this is because we have wireless internet access in this one horse town! Wicked. We just can’t believe it. In fact, the signal here is better than where we staying in Perth! Wow, thank God for technology! Yes, this does mean that we have dragged our laptops out here. What can I say, we can’t live without them :-).

Ok, we are off to go see the sea a mere 20m away. Wish us luck but I think we will be ok with the help of our Fifth Leg.

See you soon.
Eddy & Lynda.