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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wow, 1 April! April fool. Not here. It will be a day to remember in our memories forever. Today we did some incredible things that will be etched into our minds for a long long time.

The day started early after a good night’s rest. We hopped out of bed and ran down to the beach to be greeted by the Dolphins swimming in the bay. Monkey Mia is a world famous site where one can interact with wild dolphins up close. Wild dolphins means that they come and go at their will. No captivity. They rule and we are there to be privileged by their graceful company. The set-up at Monkey Mia is very controlled and strict but one soon understands why. They are sticking to best global practices when it comes to interaction with marine life. The dolphins are fed a small snack and it is very small in regard to their diet and only a very select few are fed. While there are 15 of them visiting, only between 3 and 5 are fed and it’s always the same few. I don’t want to go into a lengthy explanation why this is but essentially this has been well thought out and they are left to continue to hunt their own meals for the rest of the day. Lynda has now got to feed them twice in a row. Ye, she catches the cute instructors eyes when they picking the select few out the crowd :-). That was the brief commercial part of the day.

We then decided to hire some kayaks so that we could paddle out into the big blue and see if we could do some snorkelling with our new gear. Off we went down the coast with the wind blowing on our backs and pushing us steadily along. We pulled off on a deserted stretch of beach and had our packed lunch in the warm rays of sun shine. We put our snorkelling gear on and slipped into the big blue. Wow, is all I can say. This is my first experience at proper snorkelling and beneath what seemed like nothing was a whole new world for me. First it was just teaming with little fish and then bigger fish. Then I felt Lynda tugging at me violently and as I looked there was a sea snake 2 meters from us. It felt as though Lynda was trying to pull me towards it and I was frantically back peddling wanting to back out of there in a hurry. Lynda was in fact back peddling herself and using me to do so hence me being pushed forward. We were the two biggest wet chickens in the sea at that point. Meanwhile the sea snake was quite content munching on whatever it was that he was munching on quite unbothered by our presence. We are real waffos in the sea I can hear you saying. After that, we continued to swim along and ran into a turtle. We followed it on its snacking journey and once again it was quite oblivious to our presence. That was pretty cool. We eventually got out and paddled back in our kayak getting to see several rays along the way.

The day was getting on and we wanted to prepare for some sun downers to end a perfect day. Gathering our drinks and some chairs to sit on, off we went to find the perfect end to the perfect day. Our chairs placed right on the water’s edge, we lifted our glasses to toast a red sun set when right there in front of us the dolphins came to put on a little show for us. I was so super keen on getting into the water and swimming with the dolphins and so we did. What a beautiful experience being visited by these majestic creatures while in their playground. I was then taking photos while Lynda was playing with the dolphins, sliding her hand down their bodies as they came by to greet her. This was now the true ending to the most perfect day. The sun a mere red ball on the edge of the flat horizon in front of us and the dolphins playing in the still shallows of the bay with Lynda and I. The only feeling I have inside of me is pure peace. Love for the earth and all its beauty. God did make a perfect place and this was proof of that. I felt it in my heart and I extend that feeling out to all of you following our story.

The thought that sometimes we need to forget about the rat race and just take some time out to do the simple things in life, is so true. It’s the simple things that connect us back to our roots and anchor us and these humbling experiences are what life is all about. Live this one life and live it well. There is no pause and there is no rewind. Make every frame count.

A big hug to all of you,
Eddy & Lynda