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Sunday, May 18, 2008

We haven’t left Sydney yet. Still hanging around checking things out. We have decided to attend the Helicopter BASE Boogie in Norway which gives us a chance to BASE jump lots without too much physical exertion. I think that’s a good thing since we have been so chilled out that any sort of physical exertion is bound to kill us at this point. But we do have to pay homage to the mountains so it’s not going to be all just sitting in the chopper and getting flown to the top. We will do some days just walking up so that we make peace with the mountains. One should always return natures energies and not just simply take them away. The “Heli Boogie”, as it’s called, takes place at the beautiful little town of Lysebotn on the west coast of Norway’s Southern region. This little town is buried deep in one of Norway’s many fjords. No self respecting BASE jumper can claim to be a BASE jumper unless they have made the pilgrimage to Norway. Norway is like the holy grail of BASE.

After Norway we want to head off to Switerland to do some more BASE. The little town of Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland will be the location. This is very close, 7km as the crow flies, to the Eiger. There has always been a jump I’ve wanted to do off the Eiger. There is a feature of rock that stands a little away from the face of the Eiger called the mushroom. A wingsuit jump from there is going to give you a huge amount of airtime. In Lauterbrunnen the BASE jumping is nowhere as high as Norway but it is a lot easier to hike to the top of therefore one can do a few jumps in a day without exhausting yourself out. There are also a variety of jumps in this one little region so it will keep us occupied for quite a while.

So that is what has been occupying our time in Sydney. All the paper work around the logistic of this trip and also getting prepared for it. We have been trying to get our BASE rigs out here from South Africa for the past couple of weeks and that has been a frustrating exercise. We are hopefully going to get them by next week sometime. This week we went off to go and buy some items of clothing specifically for the trip. We opted for light weight and fast drying material because the weather can throw anything at you in that part of the world. After some shopping around to compare prices we figured that clothing here costs an absolute fortune but once again you shouldn’t be converting to South African Rands. So we just had to adjust our heads to Ozzie currency and it all seemed ok after that. We basically bought a ton of clothes and some hiking boots for me as my old ones have been jumped to pieces and are ready to retire. With all the organising behind us, almost, we are now ready to move North to Queensland. Hopefully the weather will be a lot warmer that side of the world as things are a little cool right now in Sydney. Can’t remember the last time we lay around on the beach and soaked up the sun. We are looking forward to that again. I’m simply looking forward to wondering around again without my shoes for days on end. Something about that feeling that brings you back to your childhood.

Yesterday we went to Rory and Jenny’s house to have a braai with them and Ray and Maria. It was great chatting and catching up with news. Rory is like a bouncing roo with all his high kicks and kung fu fighting. He has even giving up drinking alcohol altogether. Good on you Mr Roc. I’ll just drink a little more for the two of us. Have a look at our gallery to see Rory brutally attacking Ray. Someone needs to have a word with this boy otherwise I can see “sombode gonna get a hurt reel bad, sombode, I tell u (Indian accent)”. We had a good old roast on the weber. Just what the doctor ordered. Magnums to top it off and all polished down with a good bottle of red from our trip in Margret River. Our wine is fast running out. Time to go get more. I can feel another wine tasting tour coming on. Hmm, not going to happen up in Queensland I can tell ya. Too warm and humid.

We went to the movies today, something that we haven’t done in quite some time. “We watched What happens in Las Vegas…”. It was classic and Lynda roared with laughter and she can only do. We had the Ozzies staring at us. What can I say, I just love that laugh. A true sign of someone really enjoying a movie. We really need to get back on the road. Life is starting to feel a little real again. Shew, I even know what day of the week it is again! Sad affair. Hopefully we can pick up our rigs tomorrow and be on our next leg of the adventure the following day or so. Up up and away, to Queensland and beyond.

Wish us luck.

A big hug to everyone out there.
Eddy & Lynda