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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ok, for the good news….. we have bought a piece of land and signed on a house to be built! Shew, it’s been a rollercoaster ride week this week. Emotions have been high and low but we have managed to pull thru it all at the end. The search is finally finished or maybe not. It’s all a bunch of legal hola hoop now and we have to leave things up to our solicitor to sort out for us while we are away in Norway realigning our souls with the planet. It’s just been crazy this week. As per our last blog, we have decided where we would like to settle but there are always doubts. We contacted a local real estate guy, ex South African, a friend of a friend back in SA, and he gave us the low down on the Gold Coast. The area we have chosen is pretty good but it is a long term investment which we are not worried about because we plan on living in this first home for quite some time to come. The area is one of those that has had us real excited from the first day we set our eyes on it. Everything just feels right. It’s a beautiful place and it has the same views and philosophies we embrace. We should even have Koala’s roaming in our reserved spaces around the estate which makes Lynda really excited. Now we just have to keep her from bringing one home :-). The building regulation on the estate is very strict but we like this because it basically protects us from someone coming along and erecting a straw hut next door and seriously devaluating your property. They are so strict that they don’t allow the same looking house to be developed on the estate. Things work a little different here with regard to building new houses. They have many companies building houses and these companies have several already approved house plans which you can choose from. Most of the estates have display homes that the developers have built showing you in real life what the house will look like. Brilliant idea and a real seller. We have been to lots and lots of display homes and over time we have got used to what looks good and what is cheap and nasty. The builder we chose is in our eyes the nicest and they have the best finishes of all. We have taken pictures of our future home and you can view them in our gallery.

The whole week has been taken up simply chasing this property. The strict building code was not on our side because there are three houses on the estate already that are exactly the same as the one we have chosen. The sales guy we went to see, Andrew, told us up front that we were going to have an uphill battle and it would probably be impossible for us to build the model home that we had our sights set on. Well, he doesn’t know Lynda and Eddy does he…. They have the same plan but they have four different looking front and roof styles that make the home look quite different when looking at it head on. Luckily we had chosen a different style from the others right up front so this might have been in our favour. Andrew was telling us that the last time he dealt with the approval guys at our estate they had told him that it was the very last “Grandview” (name of our model) that they were going to allow on the estate. Andrew agreed profusely as a salesman does when wanting to close a deal and so he had little hope that he would be able to get our Grandview approved. But real estate has slowed down in OZ at the moment and it’s a buyer’s market bundled with the fact that year end is now in June which means they need to close on a high note. With all this it rings more in our favour. Andrew was hopeful that this might just tip the balance and we left it in his capable hands to push for us. To make matters worse the third house was only in the approval stage and there were some major issues in approving it to be developed. A meeting was scheduled for this Thursday where the developers, property people and client where going to sit down and figure out what the way forward was going to be. One solution is that they steal our design or perhaps change their style choice. We hoped they would do the latter which would mean that we would have a better chance at getting our choice approved. Lynda and I were getting frustrated and disillusioned with the process but we are people that want answers quick and action to happen as fast as possible. WE WANT RESULTS! So we had to be patient and hang around to hear what the outcome would be. Thursday afternoon Andrew phones us as promised and tells us that things are looking up. They have decided to accept the changes to an already used style and those people can go ahead and build their Grandview. Crap, this means that we might now lose our chance of getting our Grandview because there are now too many Grandview’s on the estate but because ours has a different front view it might just get thru. We hold thumbs. The powers that be will get together on Friday and determine this. Problem here is that we should be on our way back to Sydney this weekend because we are flying to Europe next week Wednesday and we need to get a bunch of stuff sorted out before then. We have no option but to wait and see what happens.

We decide to spend the day at the beach and try not to think about the outcome. We had asked the universe and now it was in its hands. Whatever the outcome, it would be what was meant to happen. We hear nothing the whole day and as we are in the car leaving the beach Andrew phones and tells us that he can’t believe it but our request has been approved and we can get the Grandview with a Cosmo facade as we requested. WOW, we had it! Then we realise it’s Friday afternoon and we still have to get a contract from the property people and find a solicitor to have a look over the contract and we have to get a contract from the builder and have the solicitor look over that and make any amendments we might have. This weekend is a long weekend in OZ with Monday a public holiday. An impossible task you ask? That’s what we were beginning to think. The stress went thru the roof again and we were losing faith but luckily we have this habit when one of us is losing faith the other steps up to the plate. Nothing gets the EdLyn team down too much. I had a contact in SA that gave me a real estate contact in OZ, believe it or not – in the Gold Coast, and we got hold of him to tell us if he knew of a good solicitor that might be able to help us out on a Saturday. He gave us a number on Saturday morning and we got hold of her and she agreed to see us on Saturday afternoon. We went to see her this afternoon and she is very switched on and went thru the entire contract with us. There were a bunch of things that needed to be changed and added and we were thanking our lucky stars that we managed to get hold of her otherwise we would have dropped the whole deal. Turns out that we need to see her tomorrow as well in order to tie down some final things and so we have had to further extend our stay for one more day and leave for Sydney on Monday morning first thing. Boy, talk about cutting it fine. Lynda saved the day and she believed this was all possible. I started to lose a little faith. Once again, that is why she is my hero and remains my greatest hero alongside my mom of course who actually managed to bring me up without strangling me to death before I reached the end of puberty :-).

It’s been a hell of a week and it’s not all quite over yet. We have to leave things in the hands of our solicitor while we are away playing in Europe. If for some reason the wording in the contract pisses someone off then this whole affair might just fall over which means we don’t have a place anymore but once again we leave that for the universe to decide. The pendulum has spoken and it has given us a thumbs up. We have done what we need to do. Cross your fingers for us. Coomera, Gold Coast, Queensland…. our new home.

Love and peace
Eddy & Lynda