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And there we have it, three months have passed, can you believe it and we are just about to embark on our next adventure. We have been talking about doing a BASE tour in Norway for so long now that it doesn’t feel real that we are about to leave the day after tomorrow. Three months go by at a blink of an eye. We are all living such busy lives chasing that goal, trying to make ends meet, working hard at that next promotion or pay rise, keeping the kids happy, that life slowly slips by and what seems so absolutely urgent right now has a way of eating into your every precious second you spend walking the steps of this life time. Sometimes I wonder what it’s all about and why we are involved in such a hectic pace of life. I guess because humankind needs to feel valued and wants to achieve progress otherwise we would not exist as a species. Taking this time out and just throwing caution to the wind is not for everyone. You are either a risk taker or you are not. I guess by nature both of us are a little above average risk takers and so here we are. We have now fully committed to living in another country even before we have the final results of our visa. We don’t know yet whether OZ will take us in and give us a visa. The answer should have come through while we were on this three month trip but the government is dealing with a massive backlog with half of South Africans seeking peace and quiet here and half the Britons seeking some sun shine. So now our three month holiday visa is up and we have to leave and then we will be allowed back in for a further three months. I guess this made it a bunch easier to decide to go to Norway. The Heli Boogie (helicopter BASE event) happens in Norway just at the time we need to leave here. Everything in life happens for a reason.

To compound the risk a little more we finally found that little piece of heaven on earth and we have signed to buy the land we want to call home. Not too much of a problem here because we bought the land cash but it’s still subject to the Australian Foreign Investment Review Board because we don’t hold a visa. At the same time we have started the process to build the house of our dreams but we only have enough money for half the cost and after speaking to our bank they will only give us a loan when we have jobs. Quite a complicated matter. So, we take the plunge and start building hoping that our visas come through and that we get jobs and that the bank will give us a loan before we run out of the cash we have as the building progresses. Problem here is that you can’t start building and then just put things on hold indefinitely because from the day you break ground you have 9 months to complete everything or else there are serious penalties. Not too much to ask because we know that things will always work out. When it’s right then it’s just simply right and either you take some risks in life and stretch yourself or you will never know how far you can stretch yourself. This is what makes all of us grow. There might be times when we fall but as long as you have your soul mate by your side then nothing is ever unachievable.

People always ask me why I do the “crazy shit” I do and I’ve never been able to answer that question. Sometimes I wish I had a standard answer for that question but I don’t. I’ve tried to sit down and think hard about this question but it doesn’t take long and my mind has wondered off thinking about something completely different. Maybe I don’t want to find that answer. Maybe if I do I might just stop doing what I do. My best answer now is simply because my soul mate does it with me and I think I’m probably one of the luckiest men on this planet. But as I’ve said before, everything happens for a reason and there are no coincidences.

Once again my mind has wondered off the subject completely. Back to the end of the three month Ozzie adventure. It’s been a wild ride and we have loved every minute of it. There have been some doubts, highs, lows, hysterical laughter, sadness but most of all a huge amount of fun. As I look back I think to myself that I would rather be doing this now then when I’m much older. For some people, much older never comes and missed opportunity is just that. What is my opinion on OZ? Not a whole bunch except that it’s a vastly tamer place then Africa. No real strife, mass famine, chaos, violence, unrest, hatred or constant anxiety. Don’t get me wrong, OZ has its fair amount of shit like any other 1st world country but it’s the kind of shit that is mostly avoidable. Is it home….. I guess it never really is unless you are surrounded by your family but then again the home is where the heart is. I’d like to think that the world is our home. We feel really happy here and at complete peace. I haven’t seen an electric fence and I can probably count the number of security gates on my fingers. You still find places here along the road where you can stop at a road side fruit stall and take the fruit and throw the money into a tube with no one manning the stall. Honesty systems hold high and that is really a breath of fresh air to us. We are looking forward to settling down now and getting on with our lives. Our only sincere wish is that our family would join us. My dear sis who I cherish and who has worked by my side for so many years that it feels so strange not to have her around now. I guess peoples paths in life are not always the same and especially now that the world has completely shrunk. It seems like my family is in every part of the world. My cousin Mario in Greece. My cousin Shirley in Mozambique. My cousin Edward in Angola. My cousin Carlos somewhere in Africa. My mom in Portugal. My sis Gena in heaven. My sis Teresa in South Africa and some years ago we used to all spend Christmas together. I think of those in Africa always running looking for a better life just to fill their empty tummies. Their families long scattered all over with many gone due to the constant struggle for survival. I think of those and I count my blessings. God has me and my family under his wing.

So you might not hear from us for a little while as we head for the fjords in Norway and the mountains of Switzerland but we will try our utmost to post the adventures as they unfold. Norway is going to be utter chaos with 120 people falling off the fjords all day long. There is bound to be some really wicked videos and photos coming out of this. If someone found a way of tapping the energy emitting at the exit points during this heli boogie the world energy crises would be over for the next 100 years!

For all of you out there reading the crap we write, thank you for your comments. We really get excited every time we read something you have written. Makes us feel like we are not just typing for nothing :-). A special thank you to my very emotional sis 🙂 who has probably filled the entire guest book with comments. Thank sis. You rock!

A big hug from both of us to everyone out there. It’s now time for us to go do some serious playing.

Love and peace

I thought that it may be time for me to add my 5 cents worth to all the wonderful pieces of writing that my gorgeous Eddy has contributed to our website!

My view on the last 3 months …… it has gone by too fast! While sitting back in SA planning the 3 months off, I thought 3 months – holy cow that’s a super long holiday, and now I sit here and it’s all gone – I just can’t believe it!

The days I most enjoyed were those spent lying on the beach and soaking up the sun and the earth’s energy – and swimming in the sea. On one of the days in this past week we went swimming at Main Beach on the Gold Coast and out of all the beaches we have swum at in Oz so far, the waves at this one rocked the best. I felt just like a child on a summer holiday, racing Eddy down the beach and into the waves to see who would be the first one there. We then had competitions to see who could body surf the wave for the longest – and I must say that doing this in a little bikini is probably not the best option out there, as I spent most of my time trying to keep my bikini on while surfing the wave then actually focusing on my technique!

The journey that I have shared with Eddy during our time here has taught me so much about myself and helped me to grow into a stronger person. There have been some really unsettling times and some quite stressful days – not knowing what is going to happen and waiting for others to allow you choices or to prevent you from having them. One thing that I have learnt is how important it is to trust your inner child – believe in it and go with your instincts. The choices that we have had to make to come here and make a life are by no means easy ones and there have been plenty days of doubt along the way. The thing that I find the most interesting is how quickly you forget the reasons why you wanted to leave SA in the first place. I have chatted to Eddy about this a few times and I think the reason for that is that we are feeling so at peace in our souls here – to me it feels as if this is how things are supposed to be. I definitely don’t miss all the taxis and I don’t miss the road side sales men that pester you at every robot. I don’t miss feeling unsafe to walk around the streets of the cities and I don’t miss the car guards at every parking area.

The things I do miss – my family and friends and my Tigger Roo, and having a house! The house we hope to have sorted out soon though which is great news. The friends and family – well thank GOODNESS for skype and email!

Talking about the house, I must share this with you:

I have always loved frogs and see them as wonderful creatures. I would even go so far as to say that they are lucky! When we got to Australia, this was one of the creatures that I couldn’t wait to see. Everywhere we went I searched and searched for frogs and just didn’t see one anywhere! After a while of being here I made a pledge with the universe that seeing a frog here would be a sign to me. The sign that would tell me that we had found the place that would be right for us to live in. Now if you don’t know this about me then let me share that I am a details person – I like to plan things and know all the details about them. On the other hand, my Eddy is probably the least detailed person you know – the details really don’t matter to him. So, because of my details nature, my idea of the sign was that the frog would be on the actual piece of land that we would live on! So while looking around Brisbane we were staying in a campsite just south of Brisbane – probably one of the dodgiest ones we have stayed at so far! And guess who sees a frog there – Eddy. He shouts to me from outside the tent – “A froggy, I see a froggy!” So I reply (from inside the tent)– I don’t want to see a frog here! I’m not living in this place! Well Eddy seeing the frog in the general area of Brisbane Queensland was enough for Eddy to know that we would live somewhere in Queensland – but it wasn’t good enough for me. Over the next few days I searched and searched for my frog. When we found Genesis – the place where we have bought our land – I even went so far as to go on a hunt – looking everywhere to see a frog – and as hard as I looked, I just couldn’t find one! I even stomped through the mud and got my shoes caked with so much mud that it too my about half an hour to scrape the mud from them! I even looked down the drain pipe. I was feeling really disappointed – and said to Eddy – “Where’s my froggy? I can’t find it anywhere!” So, Eddy went down on his haunches and started hopping around like a frog chirping “Ribit, ribit!” You got love him! This gorgeous man of mine is so wonderful – he always knows how to make me smile J. So – did I find my froggy you ask. Yes I did, the universe didn’t give me the sign in the way I wanted it, but it gave it to me all the same. I spotted my frog about to cross a road in Coomera (the area where we are buying the land). I got so excited and started shouting “A froggy, a froggy, I see a froggy!” Luckily for us there were no other cars on the road, as Eddy promptly slammed on brakes and did a u turn! I jumped out of the car and ran over to my froggy! Thank you Eddy for stopping and understanding how important this was to me. Thank you universe for guiding me and helping me to keep my faith and heart strong!

So in 2 days we will be leaving Australia and I am so glad to say that I am feeling so happy and content in my heart. I feel good about the choices we have made and I am really looking forward to coming back here after our trip to Norway to make a new life. This is the greatest adventure that I have been on so far and I love that I can share it with such a wonderful man – my hubby, my Eddy, my love.

Well this is me signing off – sending my love out there to all of you.

Cherry Bye